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Finally something new. Hope it was worth the wait. I'll try to stop this from becoming a dead link.

TG stories and other things.

Pussywillow: Collaborative 007 fan fiction with Raven.
One more time around: Collaborative sequel to Twice around. with Eric.
The Edifice: Something a little different, an interactive type thing.
Going Native: Set in Jennifers "Medallion Universe".
Lesser of two evils.: Not a 'nice' story. Has a rape as the major focus.
Landing on your feet.: Short story set in a fantasy world where riddles and magic collide.
Twice around.: Just the beginning of something bigger.
Fine print.: A brothel with a difference. There are numerous ways to pay.
Entanglement.: Sword and scorcery foray.
Dreams and Nightmares: Little TG horror piece.
Link to: Jennifer's Story Pages * * * *: Another Place, has a good selection plus a story universe.
Link to: Robo's world* * *: Lotsa places out there huh?
Link to: Nifty Magic-ScFi stuff * * * * *: Extensive range, but you probably know that.
Link to: Fictionmania * * * * *: This is a place, not a story. But it has stories...
Old Joe's Collection.* * *: A story archive. Other topics as well.

Corpse part 1: A TG story with a twist.
Corpse part 2: More twists.
Corpse part 3: Even more twisted.
Corpse part 4: Oh the twists you will twist.
Corpse part 5: The end, more twists to come soon...
Corpse parts 1-5: All zipped up. Might make it easier. Huff

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