Interactive Story - By any Authors. The Ediface.

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The Ediface loomed before the small intersteller craft, it's vast expanse incredibly intimidating. Fully measured it was five kilometres by ten kilometres by fifty kilometres, the largest prison station in the charted systems.

Like all prisons, the Edifice was meant to be innaccessable and, due to it's very special nature, no one was meant to know where it really was. Only the powerful System Computer which managed the penal settlements knew where it was. And now so did Jake.

Jake knew that the edifice was originally established to support a wide range of special criminals. These criminals were all creative geniuses but also very dangerous. It was for this vast wealth of knowledge that Jake had come. His friend had other motives.

Typing in the code that he had hacked from the System Computer, Jake aimed his small craft towards the space juggernaut.

The prison filled his view as he docked his craft to the automated access point. There was a hollow clunk followed by a deep echo as the clamps gripped and the airlock sealed to the joint. Jake wiped a sheen of sweat from his forehead and told himself that he was doing the right thing. This was going to make him rich.

He made his way towards the cryogenic sleep capsules where his three crew mates hybernated. Typing in the codes he started them out of their long sleep cycles. He wiped frost from the glass in front of each of their faces and considered his partners on this risky venture.

Queke was a masterful hacker and had helped him crack the encrypted codes that restricted access to the Sytem Computers secret files. He was a tall lanky man with angular features and a matt of messy red hair on his head.

The next capsule contained Max, the money man. He'd financed the entire operation, greased palms, oiled the beurocratic machinery and paid people to look the other way. He owned the ship, paid for their equipment and would likely sell what they found to his affluent and powerful friends. Slightly short he'd paid surgeons to make him look tike a matinee idol.

Finally there was Bella. She was a young rich girl. Through her politician father she had gotten the trio of men access to restricted systems and documents. Once they had planned everything down to the last detail Bella had insisted they let her come along. Physically she was an absolute stunner possessing a beautiful face and and amply curvaceous body.

Jake breifly considered leaving them in stasis.

He leaves them in stasis. A1

He doesn't leave them in stasis. A2

He only thaws out Bella. A3


'Hmmm. Maybe I can find some stuff before I wake them. I could even tell them that I didn't find the Ediface if what I find is really valuable,' Jake mused. He reached across and flipped the cryogenic machines back on.

Turning he made his way to the airlock. He stepped through and opened the hatch to the prison. Walking in he looked around. The entrance was cold grey steel and plexi cubes, cold and musky. Everything was quiet. He walked over to the wall and shone his torch on the wall. T-wing.

T-wing. What was that? H-wing was for homicidal scientists but what was T-wing?

Jake shrugged and stepped into one of the corridors which branched away from the entrance, deciding to head along the outer edge of the Edifice. He walked along it until he came to a door with a window. He looked in and saw an empty lab. Peering deep inside and seeing no one there he wondered if he should enter.

Jake decides to enter. B1

The smart fellow thinks it looks too scary. B2

A2. Jake shook his head, wondering why he had even considered leaving his friends. He waited the ten minutes for the thawing process to finish.Queke, Max and Bella gradually awoke, coughing and sputtering as their lungs were forced to work again.

They stepped sluggishly from the hibernation boothes and started to dress, shivering the whole while. Jake found that Bella was quite enjoyable to watch as she dressed.

"We've docked. I vote we go exploring together," Jake said as the others finished dressing.

Queke agreed. "I'm not sure what we'll find, but there's safety in numbers."

"Right lets go," Bella said, now dressed in a shiny skin tight suit.

They made there way outside of their small craft and congregated in the entry, the stale air quite offensive.

"What do you think T-wing means?" Max asked aloud.

The others shrugged.

"Which way should we go? I think we should head into the heart of the Edifice," Bella said. The others agreed.

They made there way together into the heart of the massive station, passing numerous doors. A robotic service robot passed them and scanned their faces then continued on it's way.

"Creepy," Max said. The others nodded.

Queke had lagged behind and was looking into one of the rooms. The door seemed to be open. The man glanced up the corridor. His friends were just rounding the corner. He could have a look around this room then quickly catch up. It would only take a minute.

Queke enters the room. B3

Queke catches up with his friends. B4

B1. Jake opened the door and stepped into the room. Inside was a strange array of laboratory equipment which looked heavily used. In the middle of the cluttered room there was a computer, hooked up to a what looked like a regenerative chamber.

Curious, Jake wandered over to the machine. It was on. He stared at the screen of the computer. "DNA recombinative 2.1," he read. What was that?

"Excellent, a test subject," a voice behind him said.

Jake turned around to find a thin balding man standing behind him and the door. The man had long emaciated fingers which he twiddled excitedly.

"Sorry pal. I don't think you'll be trying any experiments on me!" Jake said. The rake thin man couldn't possibly stop him from exiting the room. Jake started to make his way around the odd fellow.

"Smithers, detain our guest," the thin man said, his long pointed nose flaring in irritation.

A huge robot shimmered before Jake, uncloaking. Now this was something to worry about!

The robot reached forward and grabbed Jake. "Yes Mr, -" there was a strange sound as the robot's voice box shorted.

"Dang-blast it Smithers, now I'll have to repair your voice box!" The mad scientist said. "Place the victim - I mean the subject in the machine!" The scientist said as he began to type away on his keyboard.

Jake was pushed into the chamber, the door sealing him in.

"I hope you like my machine!" the mad scientist said, proceeding to laugh maniacally. The scientist initiated his DNA Recombination program.

Jake jolted as he felt the machine begin it's work.

Transformation 1. C1

Transformation 2. C2

Transformation 3. C3

B2. Jake paused at the entrance. It looked a little... suspicious. He couldn't put his finger on it, but the room felt like a trap of some sort.

The nervous man moved away from the door and made his way further down the metal deck hall, his steps loud in the silence of the station, looking over his shoulder and around the hall.

He eventually came to a security door marked as the Eden Biosphere, for authorised personel only. There were rumours that experiments in biological mutations were carried out at the edifice by some of the inmates. There were a number of very wealthy people with a penchant for collecting unique plants. They would pay a fortune for hybridised plants, especially if they were illegal.

Scratching his head Jake looked at the security mechanism. He reached into his hip pouch and pulled out a small card which was attached by wire to a small datapad. He slipped the card into the scanner and waited for his electronic gadget to crack the security system.

There was a small chime and the security panel flashed an all clear. Jake was now authorised to enter. He stepped into the air lock, closing the door he had just entered behind him. There was a flashing red light and a mechanical warning was issued. "Please ensure that a bio suit is worn at all times. DNA recognition required to exit biosphere. Please enter DNA code in sampler."

Jake walked over to the sampler and placed his finger inside. There was a sudden pin prick as it extracted a blood sample. Next Jake looked at the suits provided. They were in good condition. He put one on and then opened the door into the Eden Biospere.

The place was huge. Lushly green, massive trees growing a hundred metres upand obscuring the roof from view. Jake wandered around, exploring the place. There seemed to be all manor of rare plants, plants which would sell for a mint. He dug up one plant, probably worth a years wages on the right market.

There was a sudden hooting sound and Jake paused. It sounded human in nature. 'It might be time to get out of here,' he thought to himself.

As he made his way towards the exit he saw a plant, one that he knew was extinct that made him stop. It was a narcotic plant, outlawed throughout the system. If he could get this sample back to civilization he would be able to sell it for... he couldn't even imagine.

He hesitated torn between getting out before the person who made the noise arrived and getting this plant that would make him incalcuably wealthy.

Dig up the narcotic plant. C4

Get out while the going's good. C5

B3. "I'll have time to catch up," Queke thought as he slipped into the chamber. He brushed his hand through his stragly red hair and looked around. There was a hissing sound as the door shut behind him. Queke rushed to the door, but there appeared to be no way to open it.

"Well, well, well. How are you my fine friend. I didn't know they were sending new victims. This must be an early shipment," a female voice said.

Queke turned around to see a beautiful woman wearing a skin tight body suit. She had long cascading blonde hair and the face of an angel. Her body matched, large bountiful breasts, long thin legs, a narrow waiste and delicate hands. Unfortunately she was holding a stun gun.

"Sorry, I'm not a victim. I came with my friends looking for..." Queke realised that he was telling this woman too much.

"My, yourre pirates? I'm impressed. And happy. You see the inmates here are confined to their rooms. If you leave you invariably die at the hands of one of those damnable robots. Victims as well. Once they enter a room they can't leave, the master computer sees to that. But pirates. My the computer will allow you to go anywhere as it doesn't have a record of you! You'll be like the administrative staff!" she said, a smile forming on her lips.

Queke didn't like that smile, he especially didn't like the way she was pointing the gun at him.

The woman fired her stun gun.

Half an hour later Queke walked out of the room carrying a small machine. He paused in the corridor as though expecting a security robot to blast him to peices. When nothing happened he began making his way back to the ship. He met the others at the airlock.

"Where have you been! We've been worried sick about you!" Bella scolded him.

"I found this in one of the rooms. It's a machine of some sort. I'll put it in the ship," Queke said.

"We found some valuable items as well," Max said. "I think we should go."

"I'm all for that," Queke said, going to the bathroom.

They boarded the ship and disconnected from the station.

'Queke' laughed out loud as he watched the station grow smaller and smaller. With his mental exchange device he was going to be rich. This time the System Computer wouldn't find him. He'd make sure of that!

Meanwhile the real Queke awakened, he sat upright and looked down at his body. He was wearing a skin tight silver suit, the one which the girl was wearing. Not only that but he had breasts. Hell, he wasn't wearing her clothes he was in her body! He stood and looked down at himself.

Those same large breasts he had admired previously greeted his view again, but the crotch of the skin tight suit was smoothe. Well not exectly smooth. If he looked really hard he could see...

"Oh my god," Queke said, his voice a dulcet soprano. "She's stolen my body. Now I'm the prisoner! Not only of this body but of this station!"

Queke looked around the room. There was an abundant supply of mechanical equipment. There was a machine with two virtual helmets attached to it, but these appeared to have been modified extensively. This must be her workshop and that would be her mind transference machine!

Wandering into the next room, Queke let out a gasp of awe. The entire ceiling was glass and looked out onto the planet. There was a marble tile pool and an extensive gym. Abutting this was a huge bedroom. Lining the wall of the bedroom were hybernation chambers, probably ten in all. Three contained women and two were occupied by men. They all had control collars on, the type worn by criminals. Obviously these were her victims!

Walking over towards the chambers, Queke noticed that the men all appeared to be in excellent shape, as did the woman. He started to thaw out all the people, then returned to the lab to see what he could make of the machine. Perhaps he could get a male body back.

After playing with the machine for a while, he figured out how it worked. Happy, he returned to the main room to discover all the people awake. He slowly walked up to one of the men. "Can you talk?" he asked.

The man shook his head. Queke looked him up and down. He was attractive. Queke idly wondered what it would be like to sleep with a man as a woman. He was curious, but at the moment he had to talk to these people. He reached up and disengaged the collar.

As the clip was removed from the naked mans throat, he reached out and grabbed the collar from Queke's grip. He pushed it around the woman's neck and snapped it closed.

Queke tried to protest, tried to explain, but nothing came from her mouth. She couldn't talk!

"I've been waiting for this for years! Do you remember how many times you've had your way with me when I've been in one of the female bodies? I'm a man, not a woman." he started to slowly unzip Quekes top, her large milky breasts spilling free.

Queke wanted to say that she was a man too but she couldn't. Queke couldn't even resist, the collar around her neck somehow sapping her of the strength to react. She was like putty in his hands as he removed her suit.Underneath she was wearing nothing.

The man ran a hand over her breasts and nipples. Queke shuddered, the pleasure uniquely feminine.

"Do you know how many times I've wanted to do this?" the man asked placing his penis at the lips of her hot moist cunt.

Queke shook her head.

"This many times," he said as he pushed deep into her. Queke let out a gasp as she was penetrated for the first time, wrapping her legs around the man. He started pounding into her, counting.

Afeterwards the man went over to the others and removed their collars.

Queke could tell by the look in their eyes that they didn't like her one bit.

"I'm next said the other man."

"After you can we switch bodies. I want to give her a good going over as man too," said one of the women, a cute red head.

"Then me!" said the brunette.

"I'm after you all!" said the blonde.

"There's no hurry everyone. We have all the time in the world," the man who'd just screwed her said.

Queke let out a small sigh. She was going to spend the rest of her life here. Maybe she shouldn't have been so curious.


B4. Queke realised that in this labyrintine network of corridors he could lose his friend permanently. He moved off, quickening his pace to catch up. When he caught up with them, the were standing outside what appeared to be a robotics facility.

"This looks like it may have something of interest," Max said.

Bella nodded, "if these are made by one of the autistic fruits that are housed here, I'd say you're correct."

"Well waddya think, should we explore?" Queke asked.

There was a moments indecision.

They should see what sort of robots are being made here.C6

Max desides to have a look, the others will meet him back here later.C7

They all decide to go on.C8










The idea of alternaltive endings is something that has always interested me. As a result of this interest I'm going to give the old "interactive book" idea a new twist by mixing it with transformation themes and html text.

The "story" is open to anyone who wants to add to it. The only catch is that you have to start at one of the 'decision areas' ie where you make a choice. New decisions can be included as part of the thread and are incouraged. For example at the first decision stage (A) Jake could wake up one of the other guys as opposed to Bella or everyone.

Hopefully you'll be able to make up your own mind whether an addition will work. There are no content rules which means that anything is fair game and threads don't have to be finished, although it is encouraged.

Characters are fully open to any intepretation as long as what has happened previously in the story thread is not contradicted. Have a look at the various interpretations and you'll understand. I've purposely left motives and personalites for the other characters open in the introduction. Also Jake doesn't have to be the main character.

Additions must be in html and identify where they go in the main text, with a suggested decision. Keeping the story brief or allowing other people to diverge from where you are going would be a good idea - others may surprise you. I'll tag routes by author and may even include something. Send submisions to with the subject as "interactive story".