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Hi. This page is misleading. This is an adult site. If you're under 18 you shouldn't be here as the fiction contained here is exually explicit. That said this is a TransGender fiction site focussing on Sci/Fi and fantasy themes. Hopefully I'll finish something soon. Generally speaking it is dark in nature, with few exceptions. If this isn't your scene, visit my links. Their much sunnier. Well enjoy.

TG stories and other things.

Corpse part 1: A TG story with a twist.
Corpse part 2: More twists.
Corpse part 3: Even more twisted.
Corpse part 4: Oh the twists you will twist.
Corpse part 5: The end, more twists to come soon...
Lesser of two evils.: Not a 'nice' story. Has a rape as the major focus.
Landing on your feet.: Short story set in a fantasy world where riddles and magic collide.
Twice around.: Just the beginning of something bigger.
Fine print.: A brothel with a difference. There are numerous ways to pay.
Entanglement.: Sword and scorcery foray.
Dreams and Nightmares: Little TG horror piece.
Link to: Jennifer's Story Pages * * * *: Another Place, has a good selection plus a story universe.
Link to: Robo's world* * *: Lotsa places out there huh?
Link to: Nifty Magic-ScFi stuff * * * * *: Extensive range, but you probably know that.
Link to: Fictionmania * * * * *: This is a place, not a story. But it has stories...
Old Joe's Collection.* * *: A story archive. Other topics as well.
Odd stuff: A self indulgent cut and paste. Not a story.
Music to read too.: I listen to this. Honsest.
Corpse parts 1-5: All zipped up. Might make it easier. Huff

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